Welcome to our Angecy Blog! – Introduction of our Agency – The Story behind

Hello everyone! This is Lenka, the owner from Creativ Agence – LD Creative Agency. I am super excited to write the first blog post on our agency blog. I will use this post to introduce myself to the word and introduce my creative agecy. You have maybe read allready about our services and how we can help businesses to achieve their goals, but first of all I want to mention why we call us Creativ Agence.

Creativ Agence comes from French and means, yes, you can guess it, Creative Agency. France is the home of the worlds most famous designers and the home of creativity and culture. As my background comes from the fashion industry (since 2008), I have a diploma in fashion design, sewing is my hobby and my firs book was “Vogue”, I decided to give my agency a french name.

I have completed apprenticeship with a good success as Media Expert for Market Communication and Advertising. Studing in this field is on my list but I am too excited and can`t wait to serve other businesses with my knowledge and that`s why I decided to take the step and launched yesterday.

In our next blog post I will introduce you our services more in detail.

Photo Credit: Samantha Hurley

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