Why is a Social Media Channel a Must for Every Business

The increase in the use of smartphones has increased significantly in recent years. It is all the more important than ever to have a social media account as a company. Not every channel fits every business. How you choose the right channel for your company depends on which target group you want to address.

We specialize in filtering out the right target group of a company when it comes to a question: “Do we need a social media account?” The answer is Yes. Every company should have at least one social media account in order to be closer to the target group that you want to address.

I know from years of experience that not every company wants to use social media. But the target group you lose can be enormous. Especially if you want to break new ground, you should dare to be able to say from experience that it is worth using social media. If you don’t try, you won’t know if it’s worth it at all.

We at Crativ Agence do not want to force entrepreneurs to use a social media channel, on the contrary. These decisions are only made when we have an image of our client, when we know which target group is to be addressed where.

If you would also like to know which social channels would be advantageous for your company, then simply contact us. We are there for you.

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